The Birthday Project

Picnics, backyards, campfires, poolside hotel rooms, birdsong. During the pandemic, I started writing songs for people's birthdays. I thought it would be a sweet gift to offer and I've been enjoying the challenge: Every month, I choose a new person to write a song for, and I deliver it to them (in person if possible, or digitally if not) on or before their birthday. Sometimes they're serious, sometimes they're silly, but either way, the project has gotten me out of my head and my typical methods. I'm using different instruments, not getting stuck on chords and structures, just letting things come to me in the time between birthdays. 

The full 12-song album will be released in 2022. 

Year-In-Progress Track Listing:

January - “Abracadabra” - for Joe Napolitano (12/31)
February - “Birthday Buddies” - for Bridget and Brian (2/7)
March - “Something Out of Nothing” - for Chris (3/30)
April - “Someday” - for Pete Baker (4/6)
May - “See You In Palm Springs” - for Jonathan Price (5/20)

June - “Jacob’s Lullabye” - for Jake (6/21)
July - “Magic Curtain” - for Justin (7/5)

I released a surprise single in July 2020, recorded and engineered by, and featuring my friend and neighbor, Yohei.

Listen to Magic Curtain here.
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Liz Pappademas is an American singer songwriter and pianist. She has honed her layered, cinematic style since graduating from Berklee College of Music, where she won the SESAC award for songwriting, and was 1st runner up in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Touring nationally both solo and as a member of various bands, Liz began her professional career in Austin, Texas with her trio Hurts to Purr.

Liz’s music has found footing at SXSW, on television shows like "One Tree Hill", and with NPR's All Songs Considered. During her ten-year hiatus from performing (2010-2020), Pappademas earned a master's degree in educational therapy and in between writing and recording with her band, Bloody Nose, she works as a learning specialist and teacher at an elementary school near her home in Los Angeles.