Hurts to Purr

“Hurts to Purr's music is dense and confessional, taking influence from the weight of the stories and experiences Pappademas captures with her words.

The album is speckled with field recordings done while the band was mixing their record in Los Angeles with Brian Kehew, co-producer of Fiona Apple's latest release. From copy machines to trains at Union Station, the album combines a clean, polished production with the gritty, organic sounds from the streets of L.A.” - NPR

Hurts to Purr

Liz with Tom Benton (bass) and Jeremy Bruch (drums). 

“ album so confident and assuredly cool that it seems to have sprung from seasoned vets. Vocalist and pianist Liz Pappademas’ songs gleam with uncanny originality (“Mr. Atom,” the wisely cynical “Six Months,” the hypnotic “Stop Blowing Your House Down”). Her voice has a charming, dusky timbre, while her playing channels everyone from Randy Newman to Paul Bley. If you’ve haven’t caught them, do so quickly.” - Texas Monthly

Recorded and produced in 2005 with Kevin Ryan and mixed by Brian Kehew at OFR in North Hollywood, Hurts to Purr was created as Ryan and Kehew put the finishing touches on their massive tome, Recording the Beatles: The Studio Equipment & Techniques Used to Create Their Classic Albums.

with Kevin Ryan at the Rainbow Bar n Grill

Kevin, Liz, Jeremy and Tom outside The Rainbow Bar n Grill during mixing of Hurts to Purr.