Released in 2007, we recorded vocals, drums  and keyboards at Hyde Street Studio C in San Francisco with Scott McDowell engineering. Rob Sanchez from Monahans played drums on those sessions. Back in Austin, we gathered some great freinds and players: pedal steel by Gary Newcomb and bass and by Jeff Johnston were recorded by Lang Freeman at Folsur. A brass kick-plate off an old door was used as a saw, bowed by Jeff, a champion saw player. Accordion, additional vocals, percussion and keyboards (which included a Chamberlin, a Fender Rhodes, a Mellotron, and a 100-year-old Emerson upright), were recorded by Brian Kehew at OFR in Los Angeles. Selected vocals, accordion, and percussion were recorded by Liz Pappademas at her home in San Francisco.

“Stark lushness illuminated.” - Electronic Music Magazine

“Liz Pappademas says she was ‘born in the back seat of a Checker cab in front of Lincoln Center in New York,’ but grew up in San Francisco, where she wrote and recorded her latest CD, 11 Songs. It's a beautifully downbeat collection of piano-driven art-pop tunes reflecting on broken hearts, bitterness and murder.” - NPR